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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Simple Box Pleat Crib Skirts for Twins

My very first baby bedding order was for a close friend of mine Jane, when she had twins.  And now every time I get an order for twins, it gives me chills to remember the evening when I first two little heartbeats, when I was scanning Jane by ultrasound. I had been sewing for several years, and had just recently started making baby accessories for myself and my newborn. I offered my sewing skills to her in making baby bedding for her girls. It was my first set, so there are definitely some errors that I see I would do differently now. But thats how we learn and get better with experience.
I recently got an order for two Simple Box Pleat crib skirts, which I'm guessing are for a girl and a boy. I could be wrong, but one is pink dots, the other is green. I would love to see the other items in the nursery and my client did say when she receives these crib skirts next week, she would take some pics and send them my way. :)
Here are the side panels cut and ready to be assembled...

And with them complete, here is the Green...

And the Pink...

Labels are attached, skirts are folded up and wrapped. And now ready to be shipped out...

Looking forward to seeing the nursery pictures and how these tie in with it. I'll be sure to add those as well.
Thanks Rachael!


  1. Wow! You have been busy lately! I love the variety of fabrics they choose.