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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Baby H.C. (Part two)

Remember this set from a couple weeks ago?
Bumper Pad, Crib Sheet, Crib Skirt for Etsy Client
Well, Ive finished the Crib Toy Bag and the Crib Quilt to go with the set.
Both turned out great. I made my own pattern for the toy bag. Its as wide as the crib, so that it can be tied onto the sides. And its fairly deep so you can fit larger stuffed animals and blankets and such in it, if you'd like.

On the quilt, since the baby was just born on the 17th, she wanted to see about putting the baby's name and birthdate embroidered on the quilt. I personally don't do embroidery at home, but was able to call up a local shop and had it done for a reasonable price. It turned out really great on there, I think I'll add it to my Etsy shop as well.

All pieced together...

Spray basted and sandwich with Warm-N-Natural in the middle...

All the quilting is complete, and ready for binding...

And once its all washed and dried... its at its best!

Thanks again Sarah!


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  2. Do you have a tutorial for the toy bag by chance?? It's awesome!!

  3. I love the toy bag as well. What are the measures you have used?