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Friday, July 22, 2011

Self titled, Self pic

Nicole and Michelle have put together a blog to help challenge us to take more pictures. I need this. I need motivation. I need to capture more moments in my family's everyday happenings. Cristi and I have even signed up for a class through the ISD to help us learn our digital SLR cameras more and to use them to our advantage for taking more pictures. I always feels if I knew how to use my camera more on Manual Mode, then I would use it more. I am getting excited for the class in a few weeks. And excited to start this challenge ISO {In Search Of}.

First Challenge: Self Pic.
I'm kinda cheating on this one. Had to use the cell phone for this. It's a good thing there is a camera on the face side of the phone! ;)

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  1. It worked! And it's not cheating if you took the picture! Great shot LeeAnn!

  2. YAY! Glad you're joining! Its not cheating at all... its a self portrait! :) When does your class start?

  3. Camera phones work, why not?! Great job!

  4. Great camera shot! :) Hope you are doing well!!

  5. Love it! What would we do without camera phones?!

  6. I'm visiting from Nicole's blog.. Great picture!! I used my camera phone to take my self pic too.