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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Clippin Q's

I've started getting back into clipping coupons these past three weeks. Ive made two purchases so far at Meijer with coupons and sale items. The first week I spent $37 and saved $25! That did include some produce and items that were not on sale or with coupons...
And yesterday I spent $52 and saved $49!! This purchase however was all items were on sale AND with a coupon! And of course its all things that we are going to use. I decided to take a pic of my buys tonight and price the items out. So for others that are thinking about it.. here is what I bought and saved $49 off at Meijer yesterday! Plus I received two coupons at the check out for my next order.. $3.00 off and $1.50 off my next shopping order! Ill add that $4.50 in savings on to the next weeks savings. ;)
(2)   3-pack Kleenex, (2) Gain Fabric Softener, (6) Ziploc Snack Bags, (2) Palmolive
(1) Rice Chex, (1) Corn Chex, (2) Ronzoni Pasta, (6) Chunky Campbells Soup, (2) Hormel's Meals
(4) Chex Mix, (2) Pop-Tarts, (2) Coffee-Mate Creamer, (2) Frosted Flakes, (2) Frosted Mini-Wheats
(1) Betty Crocker Cake Mix, (1) Betty Crocker Frosting
$102.38 total
-$22.28 in-store sale prices
-$27.35 coupon savings
=$52. 75!!!  (49% off)

Okay, so maybe not like the 75-90% off that the Extreme Couponers can do.. But I think thats pretty darn good for my 2nd week. :) And I've started a FaceBook group for the Jackson area, to get excited about couponing, Clippin Q's!! We've got some veteran couponers in there and really excited to see we are 20 people strong! If you are interested and live in the surrounding area of Jackson, click the link to request to join. :) Happy Savings!! 


  1. I LOVE this!! Ive been cutting coupons but always forget them at home! SIGH!

  2. That is great! I have been clipping more coupons lately and saving a few extra bucks here and there.

  3. Awesome! I clip coupons also and I LOVE the money that I save each month. It kills me to pay full price for anything now.

  4. You go girl! I want to so badly extreme coupon, but that would be like having another full time job uggh!! Way to save:)

  5. only you can make a picture of groceries look artistic hahah :):)

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