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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Brady @ 18 months

My oh my.. 18 months already??
My letter to Brady:

Brady B,
In the words of Black Eyed Peas, "I'm having, a good, time, wit-choo". I have forgotten how fun this age is. The amount of communication that we have between us is very pleasing. You've just started talking more in the last month than we thought you would pick up on. Some of the words that I can recall that you say are: mama, dada, 'kis' (Lukas), 'cease' (please), cheese, all done, uh-oh, all gone, night-night, bye-bye, papa.
When I tell you a word, you sound it out for yourself, such as today I showed you a green apple, told you what it was and you said it very clearly. Great job in your efforts on trying new words. For the last couple months, even though you weren't talking, it was very clear that you knew what I was saying. Maybe it was time to brush teeth, eat lunch, tell dada night-night, even would squat and grunt when I told you Mama had to go potty. LOL. You just seem to know what Im saying, which helped me understand what you needed or wanted, even though you weren't talking as much. Now I think we are getting over that hill, and you are trying to communicate to us.
Your daily routine consists of waking up around 7:30, because you hear Lukas getting ready for school. Nap time is right after lunch around 12:30. You still have a good nap, sleeping about 3 hours. And then its bedtime between 8:00/8:30. You love following Lukas around when he comes home, but you are also great at playing by yourself when he is at school. Naturally you've grown to love the General Lee. I don't know what it is about that car, but Daddy sure has passed that gene down onto you boys. That car seems to be a favorite one, just like Lukas'. You love watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Chuggington, and Thomas the Train. Even dancing at the beginning and ending of the shows is a must for you. I love the way you squat your body down just a little bit, enough so that you start to get a bounce in on your dance routine.
Jackson, MI has had a rough couple of days with the recent death of a pregnant mother, then birth to her unborn child, now three days later, the baby has passed on to be with her mother and Jesus. Such a hard time for the family Im sure. Thousands of people prayed for this little girl and the family. Tonight as she passed away in the arms of her daddy peacefully, I held you in my arms while you slept peacefully. While I held and rocked you, It was so hard to imagine what that father is going through. I could not even imagine not having you the next day. I just stared at you, you're perfect baby skin all smooth, and tears filled my eyes. I sobbed until I couldn't see you clearly in my eyes anymore. It made me want to hold you all night, to keep you close to me.
I know that has nothing to do with your progress or your landmark of 18 months, but it will forever be remembered, the moment that I had those feelings and held you so tightly.
On a lighter note, Im looking forward to seeing Spring soon and for you to venture outside in the green grass. I'm sure you don't remember what that is like, and can't wait for you to explore the outside world. Im sure you will have that smirk on your face, almost trying not to smile, because you wont be sure what to do. Do you run? Do you stay by my side? It will be a great time for you regardless. :)
Im wrapping this up for now Brady. I've been meaning to get better about posts with you and Lukas and the things you are doing. And to be honest, Im glad that I sat down in the wee hours and did this one up now. Its not perfect, and its not going to be revised, re-read, and all that jazz. Its simply my letter to you.
I love you Brady B. You make me so proud to be your mom, the mom of those beautiful big brown eyes. :)


  1. Awww you have me about in tears with your story. I'm AT WORK!! HAHA! Such a sweet letter to Mr. Brady B!

    I love the pic with Lukas laughing so hard in the background HAHA!

  2. A really beautiful letter, LeeAnn. I'm so glad you're getting to know what being a mom is all about and loving your children more than your own life. I love you just as much!