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Friday, January 14, 2011

More for Baby Warner

This week I finished the quilt top she wanted.

I layered it with 2 layers of the bamboo batting and began pinning.

The Quilting was a very few, easy stitches. Twice around the border and two lines down the toile. Front:

The ribbon I picked up couldn't be a better match. :)

The bedding and the ribbon couldn't have been a better match. (even though it appear blue here). I sewn the ribbon strips onto the quilt and the am able to tie them into bows.

I've also got this cute chair that is also being converted to match the bedding set. It's this bright red velvety material. I was lucky enough to find a white/off white colored slip cover at IKEA for $30. But the chair seat is a little different. It has these 'wings' that come out. So I have made a slip cover for this seat cushion.

I cut out the pieces, installed the zipper...

And sewn them all up!!

I do need to take a look at the actual chair and fix the difference in arms/ wings on their. But at least I have extra fabric to work with on the chair cover.
Next I was able to get the car seat cover done. This is cute because I was able to show both prints.

I cut full length slits into the cover and applied snaps to make the closure around the straps. This way the straps dont have to be removed to put the cover on and off the seat.

I made a boppy pillow cover out of the French toile. This has a fold over flap in the back to get the pillow in and out of the cover for washing.

The front:

The back:

And finally have all 44 ties turned inside out! This was very tedious and thankfully a few coworkers helped me out tonight!

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