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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Bee Talk

I seem to have gotten myself deep into Quilting lately and I'm not ready to come up for air yet. :)
I've signed on to four virtual quilting bees right now through Flickr.

My first bee that I signed up for was Stitch 6 Bee. We have 12 members. We started in November and each month is assigned to two members. Those members send out their fabric and directions for the block of their choice. The rest of us make the block and then send it back. Here are the blocks that I have made for this bee so far:
I've got the fabric for both blocks due for January and will do those this week. My month is February and I plan to use this new Modern Meadows by Joel Dewberry that I just received. I'm going to be cutting this up and sending it to them soon. They will be making the Modified Bento Box block and send it back to me.


My 2nd bee I signed up for is [3x6] Sampler Quilt Mini Bee. This is a large group (about 175 of us!) with seperate bee hives consisting of 7 members. We each tell our group members the three colors that we want and then the members will make a block using those three colors out of our own scraps and then send those blocks to them. The key is that the 6 blocks that you make for your members, all have to be the same block pattern. Here is an example:
I have requested Red, Blue, and Yellow to make a Superman Quilt for Lukas. When I told him about this, his face lit right up! Here are pictures of the two blocks that I have so far:
I'm excited to see what else we get for this quilt. As soon as I get all the blocks in from this group, I'm going to order the fabric to start piecing these 6 blocks together with this Superman fabric from
 This bee runs for each Quarter, for 3 months (Jan-Mar) and then it repeats again. Im already signed up for the 2nd Quarter as well, and will continue on with this color theme for more blocks for this quilt. Should only take two quarters to do this quilt, because I'll end up with 12 blocks total, plus ones that I make. So I could piece some onto the back as well.

For the 3rd Bee I'm in, Seams Perfect - A Modern Scrap Bee, this runs for 12 months. We have 12 members, with each of us assigned a month for 2011. For our month, we get to choose what colors and what pattern we want. The other members then use their own scraps, according to the colors we want, and make the block that we asked for. So far I have made these block for January with the following criteria. Red, Orange, Yellow, Pink strips, made into the String Me Along block pattern.

 I haven't decided yet for my month, which is March. Maybe thinking along the lines of Grey. Just not sure what colors to go with it...

And last, Freedom Block Swap. This one is a quickie that goes from Jan 15 - Mar 15. There are 17 of us and we send out our fabric and they have the freedom to make whatever 12.5" unfinished block that they want. I've got fabric all cut and piles separated to be sent out on Monday.
So this one will be neat because Ill end up with 16 different blocks, but with these fabrics! 

Sounds exciting, yet busy, right? I know I'm geeked!!


  1. Busy??? I wish I had half of your ambition girl!
    Wonderful work :D

  2. I've spent all afternoon today catching up on my Stitch Six bee blocks! I was a bit behind, as my machine was having issues. I love the fabrics for your block! My month is April, so I still have some time to decide what I'd like.

    Also, LOVE the string blocks! I just love that look.

  3. you are soooo creative!! i love it!!! i love watching you do yo thang!! love you so much :):):):)

  4. Those look great! I love the scrap one!