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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Out of Space??

uhm... is anyone else having this problem?? What do i do now??

Brady B

[never mind the scab on his forehead. not quite sure where that came from.. :/ ]

Brady's 1st hair cut.

I knew it was long overdue for Brady's first hair cut. He's had this mullet going on for a couple months now. And I hesitated on cutting it until the spring. But on a spur of the moment decision, based on the fact that Lukas needed his hair cut too, I thought we might as well do Brady's. He didn't do too bad. 
We brought the boys to Nic's father-in-law, Dave's barber shop. Dave was great with him! Brady was a little upset during the whole time, but really didn't move around, so Dave got a pretty decent cut. Brady just sat there, lightly sobbing, and chewing on his binkie while Dave cut away. And yes I did save a small piece of his hair for the baby book. :)

 And now the finished style:
 He really has seemed to age about 6 months after this cut. Its way cute on him though.  

 And of course, Lukas wasn't too thrilled about his hair cut either. But he stayed still for Dave. :)

Brotherly Love

I bathed the boys the other night and after the bath I told Lukas to go sit by the fire to keep warm, while I get their pajamas gathered up. It was such a priceless moment to see, when I came into the living room, Brady had sat down right next to Lukas. 

 I love that he was looking up at his big brother, almost waiting for a reaction to his lovin'. 

these boots are made for walking..

and thats just what they'll do...

More Bee Blocks

Stitch 6 Bee blocks for January:
 1st of 16 Freedom Swap Blocks done: 

Stitch 6 Bee - My February Block

I mentioned earlier about my bees, and showed the fabric that I have chosen. I decided to document the step by step pics that I took for this block. You can find the original tutorial HERE.
I made all the size cuts that were needed for this block. And then separated them out into 12 piles, one for each member. Making sure to keep a variety in each block.

 Here are the fabrics that I will be doing in my test block: 
After the necessary cuts are made to each fabric, the building of the block begins. 
The First layer:
 The Second layer:
The Third layer:

The Fourth layer: 
Once I receive all the blocks back, they will be cut down the middle, both horizontally and vertically. I will then take those four squares and mix them up with the other blocks. The end result will be assembled like these quilts:
So here are the piles of fabric ready to be sent out!! 
Can't wait to see them pop up in our Flickr group!