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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Alphabet Soup / Sweet Nothings

We've got new fabrics ordered and coming in for another baby bedding set!!

This set is for a co-worker's daughter-in-law. I did my Ultrasound studies with Val 7 years ago and she's been watching my work posted on facebook the last couple years and has loved it! (yay!)
So when it came time for her son and daughter-in-law to decide on the nursery, Val ordered a set from me, for her DIL. :)
I just received in the fabric this past week and have already started on the order, once I had finished the last order. Doesn't seem to be much of a break time around here.. but I'm not complaining either! I love sewing and love that others get excited about seeing their items come together as well.
We are using Zoe Pearn's Alphabet Soup line and Sweet Nothings line. Some great colors in both, that blend well together. We did notice that when the fabrics came in that one line had white backgrounds and the other line had cream/off-white backgrounds. I think I'll be adding some citrine solid fabric in the quilt to keep the fabrics from touching and causing too much trouble with that. As with any quilt, I'm sure it will look great when its all done. :)
Here are the fabrics for this set:

And the Fitted Crib Sheet is the first item done.. in the Diamonds in Citrine.. (note the citrine, as thats the color of the nursery walls and what we will be using to sash the quilt blocks in.)

Folded up and ready...

Now Im working on the Simple Box Pleat Crib Skirt and will post that soon! :)

More Client Photos! (yay!)

I love love love when my Etsy clients send me photos of the items that I made them. I like to see how they tie in with their nursery, and all the other accessories that they put thought into for making it the perfect place for their babies.
Here is a client that sent pics of the black and white reversible bumper that I made for her in the early summer. (btw, all my bumpers are reversible, lol).
I just love the black furniture and am really thinking of painting my white crib and dresser to black for the next baby I have! Just love it!
Now, the back of her crib is completely solid, but together, we decided to go ahead and put ties in the middle on the back pad, so that it could be used on another crib if/when she decides to part with it.

I just love the way it turned out. Love the Black and White and the touch of color added.
Thanks again!

Simple Box Pleat Crib Skirts for Twins

My very first baby bedding order was for a close friend of mine Jane, when she had twins.  And now every time I get an order for twins, it gives me chills to remember the evening when I first two little heartbeats, when I was scanning Jane by ultrasound. I had been sewing for several years, and had just recently started making baby accessories for myself and my newborn. I offered my sewing skills to her in making baby bedding for her girls. It was my first set, so there are definitely some errors that I see I would do differently now. But thats how we learn and get better with experience.
I recently got an order for two Simple Box Pleat crib skirts, which I'm guessing are for a girl and a boy. I could be wrong, but one is pink dots, the other is green. I would love to see the other items in the nursery and my client did say when she receives these crib skirts next week, she would take some pics and send them my way. :)
Here are the side panels cut and ready to be assembled...

And with them complete, here is the Green...

And the Pink...

Labels are attached, skirts are folded up and wrapped. And now ready to be shipped out...

Looking forward to seeing the nursery pictures and how these tie in with it. I'll be sure to add those as well.
Thanks Rachael!

Baby H.C. (Part two)

Remember this set from a couple weeks ago?
Bumper Pad, Crib Sheet, Crib Skirt for Etsy Client
Well, Ive finished the Crib Toy Bag and the Crib Quilt to go with the set.
Both turned out great. I made my own pattern for the toy bag. Its as wide as the crib, so that it can be tied onto the sides. And its fairly deep so you can fit larger stuffed animals and blankets and such in it, if you'd like.

On the quilt, since the baby was just born on the 17th, she wanted to see about putting the baby's name and birthdate embroidered on the quilt. I personally don't do embroidery at home, but was able to call up a local shop and had it done for a reasonable price. It turned out really great on there, I think I'll add it to my Etsy shop as well.

All pieced together...

Spray basted and sandwich with Warm-N-Natural in the middle...

All the quilting is complete, and ready for binding...

And once its all washed and dried... its at its best!

Thanks again Sarah!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Robert Kaufman - Kona Charm Pack Challenge

The Modern Quilt Guilds across the US were given a challenge by Robert Kaufman fabrics to create a solids only quilt made from a Kona fabric charm pack given from Robert Kaufman fabrics! Who doesn't like free fabric?!
So for this challenge, the charm pack was given 44 different 5x5" fabrics. Our guild decided we needed to use at least 30 of those charms. I was able to pull out the pinks, reds, and purples and have exactly 30 left to make this a 'boy-ish' themed quilt. I initally was going to take my almost-2-year-old out of his crib and put him into a toddler bed, and this quilt would be perfect for a toddler or twin bed top spread. Silly me, why would I take my baby toddler out of his crib, when he is just fine in there still. He doesn't even climb out yet. I think I was just anxious to have this on the toddler bed. ;)
So the quilt now has become a nice lap body length quilt for laying on the couch in the living room.

And here is my progress:
Started with taking each charm square and sewing it to a random strip of Kona Coal grey..
Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge
I did this for all 30 charms. Then sewn two charms side to side, with the grey on the outside. Sewn all 15 rows together. Then trimmed off the excess on the grey strips. And added two long grey pieces, to add more grey to the sides..

This was my first time using spray adhesive for sandwiching the backing, batting, and top of the quilt together. It was really quite easy and will probably do it from now on!
I did just a simple wavy pattern for the quilting with my walking foot..
Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge
And here it is with all the stitching done on it, with detail pic too..
Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge
Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge

I had some Kona that I bought from JoAnns a few months ago, don't remember the color name, but I used that for the binding, as it was one of the colors in my palate...
Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge
I pressed it in half and sewn it on..
Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge

I really wanted to do a hidden stitch, but was short on time. I literally made this quilt within 24 hours of our meeting! And we had 2 MONTHS to do this challenge. What?! I didn't tell you that detail in the beginning?! :0
So I put in a large stitch that would be easy to go back and take out, when if I found time to do the blind stitching.
Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge
Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge

And here it is just after completing it in my sewing room space, in my basement..
Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge

Of course I had to take it outside after its first wash and dry..
Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge
Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge
The back was just a solid Ash Grey.. no time for a pieced back..
Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge
Robert Kaufman Kona Solids Challenge

Thanks for reading my Kona Solids Challenge process! You can check out the other quilts done by my other guild members at Ann Arbor Modern Quilt Guild HERE!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby H. C.

For all the orders that I've done I think I've only done ONE other boy item.. and that was just a crib skirt. So this set was really neat to put together, because it let me use all the boy tones and prints that are really cute for a baby's room. This mom and I worked hard to get colors and patterns to match up. We tried several different combinations until we found 6 fabrics that worked perfectly. And after getting the set (almost) complete and seeing it in her baby's room, definitely made the time it took to decide onthe fabrics. :)

We chose these fabrics:
Urban Circus by Laurie Wisbrun / Robert Kaufman - Pachyderm Parade in Earth (lt. blue elephant)
Urban Circus by Laurie Wisbrun / Robert Kaufman - Pachyderm Dot in Earth (green elephant)
Moda Wee Woodland Stripe Orange by Keiki
Khristian Howell - Theory / Rainforest Leaves in Seaside
Robert Kaufman - Groove Abstract Earth
Khristian A Howell - Lattice in Sierra (brown lattice)

Fabric for Etsy Client
Fabric for Etsy Client
I started with the bumper:
Cut the pieces and laid them in the pattern..
Piecing Bumper Pad for Etsy client
Sewn them together..
Piecing Bumper Pad for Etsy client
Piecing Bumper Pad for Etsy client
Covered the cording and made the bumper pad ties..
Piping and Ties for Etsy Client
Sewn the two sides together with the piping and ties, leaving an opening in the bottom to put the Nufoam bumper pad into..
Bumper Pad for Etsy client
Bumper Pad for Etsy client
Inserted the foam and closed off the opening in the bottom...
Bumper Pad for Etsy client
Bumper Pad for Etsy client
Did the same for the other pieces, and now the bumper pad is done!
Bumper Pad for Etsy client
Bumper Pad for Etsy client
Then while at a friend house for a craft day/night, I was able to do the crib skirt and the crib sheet...

Crib Skirt for Etsy client

Crib Sheet for Etsy Client

Next I worked on the two curtain panels, piecing them together..

Lined the back of them with a muslin fabric, and put tab tops on the top of them. Her window is a shorter window than mine here, shorter and wider. So there are two curtain panels made identical to this one shown.

Lastly, I made the changing pad cover, which fits contoured or flat changing pads. They have full elastic all the way around.

I still have to make the Crib Hanging Toy Bag, and the Crib Quilt. But I wanted to send these items to her as soon as they were done because little H was coming soon! I'll finish up these other two items and will blog them next week. :)
She got her package today in the mail and set things up and was nice enough to send me pics by text! Her Mother-In-Law was still ironing out the folds in the curtain panels, so we didn't get any pics of those yet. But Im looking forward to seeing them and then adding the other items to the baby room next week!
Bumper Pad, Crib Sheet, Crib Skirt for Etsy Client
Bumper Pad, Crib Sheet, Crib Skirt for Etsy Client
Changing Pad Cover for Etsy Client
Thank You Sarah!