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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Something Messy, Something New

Something Messy?

My sewing area right now. I've got strings everywhere, pins of all types mixed together and needs sorting. Folded fabric, wrinkled out of the dryer fabric. Fabric scraps in bins, on table, in bags. Trash bins that over flowing.
I'm thinking I need to take 30 minutes one of these nights and get cleaned up and organized. Even though I feel pretty organized. Everything is out where I can see it! ;)

Something New?

I've recently ordered new custom labels. I had to buy from a new vendor (BellaMental on etsy) and am pretty happy with how they turned out. I ordered three different styles this time. Two foldys, and one flat for quilts. I think I got about 30-40 of each style.

I also ordered some business cards from Overnight Prints on a great deal.

And I stocked up on my favorite fabric starch.

This is Niagara non-aerosol spray and it's wonderful! Much better than the aerosol, it's a light to medium mist. It has a great scent to it, not like the other starches. And it's only $1.87 at Target!! If you can find this, pick it up. You'll love it too.

I hope you enjoyed my mess and my new. Im looking forward to starting on finishing the basement next month. We are working on the playroom (behind me) and my sewing/craft room. I've got many ideas running through my head as to how I want to set it up and decorate it with storage for everything. So stayed tuned on pics of that later!
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