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Monday, October 11, 2010

Summer Song fabrics

I have to run to JoAnn's tomorrow and pick up some matching thread for the Dumb Dot Citron bed skirt, so in the meanwhile I thought I would start getting all the cuts on the Summer Song bedding set. I cut the fabric for that crib skirt and will pick up thread for that tomorrow too.

After cutting the crib skirt, I cut the remainder of that fabric into the squares needed for the patchwork quilt and for the patchwork bumper pad. The patchwork quilt squares were cut at 8.5"x8.5". The bumper pad squares are are 12"x12" to start with and then cut them in half. 
Then you cut them so you have 4" and 8" pieces.

Here is the stack of the other five fabrics we have left to work with.

Next I took the fabric on the bottom and measured that out to size for the fitted crib sheet. I cut the corners out 8"x8" and set that aside for seaming and elastic later.

The remainder of that fabric again was cut into squares for the bumper pad and the quilt.

And now there are four fabrics left...

A growing pile of selvage...

And a bed that is calling me...
Good Night! :)

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