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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stitch 6 - November Block

I joined a quilting bee that was started by Emilie from

There are 12 of us and we will be making two blocks each month. Each member is assigned a month and is to send out fabric of their choice to the other 11 bees. We sew the fabric into a block according to their directions, send the block back and then they piece the quilt together.
I am assigned for the month of February. So I've got a little time to make my final decision on choice of fabric.
I did receive in one of the fabrics for November.

Her directions were to make it a 10.5 inch unfinished block, and whatever design we want. I decided to do a style of the Disappearing Nine Patch.
I took my nine squares and sewn them together in this checkered pattern.

I cut down the middle vertically and horizontally.

I rotated the upper left and the lower right corners, so that those little squares were on the outside of the block.

I sewed these four blocks together.

Since this square was bigger than what she requested, I cut it down to size to form this unfinished 10.5 inch square.

I'll be sending this out to her tomorrow.
If you are interested in seeing the other finished squares you can check out our flickr group here:
I'll be posting the other blocks that I complete as well.
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  1. OHHHH it's just beautiful!!!!!!!

    Thank you, thank you!!!!

  2. Ahhh, my plan was to do a disapearing nine-patch too...guess I better come up with a new idea :)

    Really though, it is super cute!