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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

No room for error

I worked on the reversible bag tonight. Got the pockets cut out and the bag pieces. I stitched the sides and the bottoms up and was getting ready to put the bags together to sew them and realized that the humming bird fabric was upside down.

How frustrating this was! I guess I had not worked with many directional fabrics that really had to be directional, like in patterns such as these. It called for one yard, and that's what I bought. So there is definitely no room for error here, and it if course happened. :( I guess that will be one lesson learned and I'm hoping by making that mistake once, that it means I will hopefully not make again. So now, off to the online fabric store I go....

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  1. sew that baby up! sell it as a second or give it to me to review for Mama Digs it =o) My Mom is a seamstress and has done this a time or two, usually in her wee hours of the morning sewing sessions.

  2. I "tried" to make the kids pj pants for Christmas one year. I think I cut out one half backwards and upside down! Needless to say I called my mom for help.

  3. Oh no!! You could keep it and use the red on the outside. I LOOOVE the red!