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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stitch 6 - November Block

I joined a quilting bee that was started by Emilie from

There are 12 of us and we will be making two blocks each month. Each member is assigned a month and is to send out fabric of their choice to the other 11 bees. We sew the fabric into a block according to their directions, send the block back and then they piece the quilt together.
I am assigned for the month of February. So I've got a little time to make my final decision on choice of fabric.
I did receive in one of the fabrics for November.

Her directions were to make it a 10.5 inch unfinished block, and whatever design we want. I decided to do a style of the Disappearing Nine Patch.
I took my nine squares and sewn them together in this checkered pattern.

I cut down the middle vertically and horizontally.

I rotated the upper left and the lower right corners, so that those little squares were on the outside of the block.

I sewed these four blocks together.

Since this square was bigger than what she requested, I cut it down to size to form this unfinished 10.5 inch square.

I'll be sending this out to her tomorrow.
If you are interested in seeing the other finished squares you can check out our flickr group here:
I'll be posting the other blocks that I complete as well.
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Bumper Pad

Half of the bumper pad is done! Just need to put the piping on the other two pieces and stuff it with the foam pads. :)

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Summer Song fabrics

I have to run to JoAnn's tomorrow and pick up some matching thread for the Dumb Dot Citron bed skirt, so in the meanwhile I thought I would start getting all the cuts on the Summer Song bedding set. I cut the fabric for that crib skirt and will pick up thread for that tomorrow too.

After cutting the crib skirt, I cut the remainder of that fabric into the squares needed for the patchwork quilt and for the patchwork bumper pad. The patchwork quilt squares were cut at 8.5"x8.5". The bumper pad squares are are 12"x12" to start with and then cut them in half. 
Then you cut them so you have 4" and 8" pieces.

Here is the stack of the other five fabrics we have left to work with.

Next I took the fabric on the bottom and measured that out to size for the fitted crib sheet. I cut the corners out 8"x8" and set that aside for seaming and elastic later.

The remainder of that fabric again was cut into squares for the bumper pad and the quilt.

And now there are four fabrics left...

A growing pile of selvage...

And a bed that is calling me...
Good Night! :)

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Friday, October 08, 2010

More fabric for an order

One thing I {LOVE} about making these bedding sets is the fact that I get to work with all these beautiful fabrics. I love to see the new fabrics come in my door, make something of this fabric and send out to someone to appreciate. Here is the bundle of fabrics I got today!

I got the Amy Butler Midwest Modern Fresh Poppies in Linen, Honeycomb in Grey. And this beautiful Waverley fabric that has embroidered dragonflies. This fabric will be used to make a crib skirt (the embroidered), two crib sheets (the poppies) and curtain panels (poppies with honeycomb fabric trim). Looking forward to seeing this come together. :)

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Happy Anniversary {froggyleggs} !!!

Thursday October 7th is the ONE year anniversary of my Etsy shop. 

Must Comment on the Anniversary wall post HERE  to be entered in for a giveaway!
Any repeat comments will be deleted.
Drawing will take place Friday 12:01 am EST.

Good Luck!

No room for error

I worked on the reversible bag tonight. Got the pockets cut out and the bag pieces. I stitched the sides and the bottoms up and was getting ready to put the bags together to sew them and realized that the humming bird fabric was upside down.

How frustrating this was! I guess I had not worked with many directional fabrics that really had to be directional, like in patterns such as these. It called for one yard, and that's what I bought. So there is definitely no room for error here, and it if course happened. :( I guess that will be one lesson learned and I'm hoping by making that mistake once, that it means I will hopefully not make again. So now, off to the online fabric store I go....

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Coming up!

Just received in some fabric today for these custom orders:

This will be a baby bedding set with bumper, crib skirt, crib sheet, and quilt.

This will be for a reversible hobo bag like we just had as a giveaway.

And this will be a crib skirt to match this awesome floor rug.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Pleated Messenger Bag

I sent the messenger bag to Michelle in Minnesota and it appears to be a great fit for her needs. Of course I tried accommodating this from the beginning, but you just don't know until you try it out.
She was nice enough to even do a post about it on her new blog: Mom's Sippy Cup.

You can read the posting HERE.
And if this bag interests you, it is available HERE. Is it sold? Convo me for your own listing. :)

Pleated Messenger Bag is done!

I got an email for a short order on a request of a pleated messenger bag with an inside divider. This bag needed to be able to fit both her laptop and camera in it. We got the measurements that we needed and picked out fabric. Then it was go time. :)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Working on the Pleated Messenger Bag

Here are the fabrics that we are working with today on the Messenger Bag.
The pieces have been cut. The interfacing has been ironed on, the pockets have been added.
And the pleat has been added to the band.
I've got the strap all sewn up.
Time to put these bags together, right sides together, and sew. This should be quite interesting to flip inside out through the hole I left in the bottom. Its not just a regular bag, but a bag with a divider in the middle.
So thats got to flip out too!
Stay tuned for the finished product!