Day 1 - 3 | Loan Closing and the Stakes are in

We closed on our new construction loan on Monday afternoon. Went pretty quick and smoothly. Our loan officer from the credit union even picked up the cashiers check for us before he left the credit union. The clock has been started and now we have 1 year to complete our build! I know typically most people might start Day One on breaking ground, some start Day One on the day supplies are brought in, I'm going to start Day One on Monday, when we closed on the loan. Because that is the first day of the next 365 we have to get this done. And it will also help me remember how long it took before ground was broke and digging started, etc.

So after we left closing, we headed over to the property to work on starting the stake the house out. I called our excavator earlier in the day and told him we were closing, and to find out when he can start on his schedule. He is estimating the end, maybe middle of next week (around Day 12ish), but will call at the end of this week to touch base again.

I don't know what I was thinking, but I wasn't prepared at all, with all the house measurements and square numbers to make the house square. So I pulled up the blue print pictures I had saved on my phone and was trying to do the math from the iPhone screen. We got about 75% of the way and realized on one measurement it was about 5 ft off. Gahhh! We just decided to head home so I could draw out the house, foundation measurements and have the numbers ready to make sure it was square. Which by the way, this is with the 3-4-5 rule. Well if you've ever done this yourself on a new house foundation, its tough to make sure its right. But I found this website that will do it for you based on your two measurements, it will give you the diagonal to make sure its square. Perfect! I entered in all my corners and got the numbers I needed. Here is the website I used: http://www.construction-resource.com/calculators/square-forms.php

We tried to get it all straight on Day 2 and I still ran into an issue, because we made our garage 2 feet bigger in both directions than the original plan. So back home we went and I did the math a third time. We went back out after school today and got it all done, its all correct and square! Well within 6 inches... I'm hoping that's fine, since the excavator will actually be taking it all down next week when he does rough grading. It's SO uneven right now from natural contour and the work that was done with the timber guys. So I guess we will see if WE have to re-stake again, or he will, after its rough graded.

And of course, I'll be adding pictures along the way. I want to remember this just as much as I want to share with you. :)

Stakes are in place
Building Permit and Notice of Commencement are posted
Leftover burn pile from the timber guys
We are viewing the future front of the house.
Front porch in front and the left side. Garage in the back left. Walkout basement on the right side of house.
This is from the left side of the house, you are facing the side porch, with garage on the left.


Did someone yell TIMBER??

Fodor Timbers have been at the property the last few days, clearing the area for the house, and also taking a few other trees worth money in exchange for their clearing. I finally got to go out there this morning and see for myself. It's SO awesome!! I love seeing all the space for the house but still having woods around us. It is a little thin on the neighbors house side, even without them touching that area, but I think it will be better once things get green.

They will burn the brush and stumps this week and then should be about done after they move their pile of timbers out. We thought we could get right into having excavating come, since we have cash that we will be using first before we start drawing from the construction loan. But it doesn't work that way. We can't spend any money right now, until we actually close on the construction loan. Once it's closed, then when we go to make draws from it, the bank will actually draw from the cash first, for us. So we still need to bring the cash to closing, like you would for buying a regular house. Soooo we wait now, till closing. Our Loan Officer is setting the date for May 22, and will get it done sooner if it goes quicker. The time all depends on the Appraiser, in finding the value of what the house will be on our property. I'm hoping the process of approval and finding comps will go fast! Having to wait to break ground put us back another 3-4 weeks. Oh well, it's all coming together now anyhow. And it will be worth the wait!

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Frost Laws are off!

Okay the moment we've been waiting for.. Frost Laws are off! Don't know what that means, you can read more HERE.. but basically its during the spring time where there are weight restrictions on the roads as they thaw from the winter. And the logger didn't want to deal with that, so we decided to wait until they have been cleared. Now I'm just waiting for the logger to call me, any day now! Hopefully he gets out there and clears this week or next.

We are almost done with all the bids too. Mainly waiting for the excavating, foundation and concrete work, and drywall installer. I'm planning to make a call to the credit union tomorrow and get an appt or things rolling with them. Just to make sure we have everything squared on our end other than the few bids we need back.

As far as things I have picked out for the house, well you're just gonna have to wait and see as it goes in. ;) I will definitely post pics and links of all that I can as we go along! So if you want to follow along on our build, its probably best to subscribe by email! I'll put the link on the right. :)


So it starts

So shortly after getting our accepted counter-offer on our house, we started to also pursue the building plans. We ordered the blueprints (wow, pricey!), made LOTS of appointments with General Contractors to talk our plans over and start to get some estimates/bids. But also keeping in the back of our mind that we know a couple people that have been their own General Contractor and was able to save a lot of money. 20-30% to be more precise. But we thought we would see where the numbers would come in.. Well the bids we are getting are about $50k more than our budget cap on what we wanted to see. So after talking to one couple, D + O, we definitely got the bug to do our own General Contracting. We are meeting tonight with the other couple K + M to walk thru their 2 year old house in the same area as ours. He was also kind enough to share his budget spreadsheet of all his sub-contractors and the several bids that he got from the area. This has been very helpful in seeing how it all came together.
We met with Chelsea Lumber twice this week, turned in a copy of prints to get a bid for materials list on the lumber and for the windows. I also have a hardwood flooring picked out that I will get an estimate on. I'm looking forward to seeing all the numbers come together and see what ticket price we can get on this project.


Out with the old, In with the new.. Brand New!

We've got an accepted counter-offer on our current house! Wahoo! Now we just wait, as we get thru the inspections and appraisal. Just counting down, 34 days till closing day, and then we will be ready to start the build on our new house. I'm SO excited to document this building process, and to be able to look back on it years from now and see it all come together.


Take 24.. and ACTION!

I seriously think I've restarted on writing in my blog maybe 23 times. I used to love writing in this. Have met some great blogging friends in past years. (And have actually met some of them in person now too!) I just love the record of events, thoughts and family things I have written in this. I really should make an attempt to do better. Maybe put the app on my front page of my iPhone will help.. I'm not even really sure there are any readers anymore... I mean, is there even a blog reader that keeps all the updates together for you still?
Anyways, it would be nice to have for our family. Just even a run down of what we did, pics, events, just our daily life. The boys could look back on it and see a typical day in their childhood.
So here's my 24th attempt at starting over. Cheers!


Welcome 2014

There is so much to look forward to this year..

Virtual Baby shower for my sister Daniella who is expecting their first child, a baby girl, in May...

A vacation for Tony and I to Las Vegas at the end of March. A first for both of us. We even just bought tickets to see Elton John while we are there. Legendary!...

I'm planning to fly down to New Orleans in June to visit my sister/brother in law/and my new niece....

And then we have our Disney trip planned for July with my mother-in-law.

I'm especially excited to see what is in store for my new business venture as a Lemon Dropper with Young Living Essential Oils... more on that in another post!


Plus Quilt

This was my first attempt at a Plus quilt and I'm pretty happy with it! It was actually pretty quick to put together, being that it is baby size. ;)


Getting back to sewing!

Since having my third son Aaron in January, I've done some sewing here and there over the last 2-3 months. I've been wanting to "open up shop" again, but wasn't all that thrilled on doing baby bedding again. Yea I'll probably do some things by request or word of mouth. But not quite the volume that I have done. I was getting a little burnt out. It case you didn't know, it takes A LOT of time! ;)
So I've been looking at other things I can sew and sell, some small items, that might help my fabric hoarding addiction.
I've recently made myself a Sling Ring and have gotten a lot of compliments on it and requests!

It's pretty easy to make so I've decided to get some supplies together, make an instruction sheet and whip some up!

When making my pamphlet, I also drew out these illustrations to show the different types of carry that you can do with a ring sling.

I'm loving this first style that I've picked out... Ombré! Everyone knows its a popular style right now. Why not have an ombré sling?!

So I've made my first one for sale yesterday, and have three more to make today that are sold. Still have two ombré left and will complete those, up until the ring choice. I'd like to let the buyer pick the ring choice, but we will see. I might just want to get them complete and ready to sell.
So here's the teal ombré I finished last night:

I also thought I'd change up my logo, colors and design a bit on my Facebook fan page. Just so you know, that's still me.

So if your interested, stop on over, message me, and let's talk!



My oldest and my youngest...

The age span between these two is just over 7 years.

Lukas absolutely adores Aaron and is always talking to him and giving him kisses.

He loves being able to hold him in his lap.

It really makes my heart melt seeing him love on his baby brother.